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About Our Company


We are experts in all aspects of representing quality businesses for sale to interested, qualified buyers. We pride ourselves in being able to analyze businesses, value them, and represent them during the entire sales process. Through our many marketing channels we are able to present businesses we represent to virtually every person looking for a business. We then pre-qualify interested buyers and commit them to confidentially before presenting details about you business to them. Confidentially is always a key component of all we do.   We represent sellers from start to finish, while they concentrate on running their business. It should be noted that we do all of this without ever charging an up front fee. We only get paid when you do.


Our Experience

 We are trained intermediaries experienced in the confidential sale of businesses to qualified buyers. We are also trained in doing business valuations – using the same guidelines that banks do – so your business will actually be fundable to buyers. Since we are a small (but experienced) brokerage, we only represent a limited number of quality, saleable businesses, unlike some of the large clearinghouse type brokerages. If we decide to represent a business in the sales process, the owner can be assured of a very high likelihood of their business selling due to our selection, valuation, and representation process. 


Our Team

 Our founder and principal broker, Paul Evans, has been and independent business owner for 24 years, and has been involved in the startup, acquisition, and sale of multiple businesses during that time. He has been with Beehive Business Alliance since it’s inception, where he has personally represented numerous small businesses for sale, many of which have successfully sold. He is formally trained and certified as a business broker. 

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